In-Time System-Wide Safety Assurance

A broad range of safety systems that proactively mitigate risks and demonstrate innovative solutions while ultimately ensuring safety to the community on the ground and in the airspace, employing services, functions, and capabilities that perform comprehensive monitoring and communication of the aviation system state, assessment of elevated risks, and mitigation actions to assure safety.

Micro-Services for Flight Operators

A diverse marketplace of appropriately authorized service providers distributed throughout the aviation ecosystem supporting flight operations with a wide range of micro-services to meet the varied needs of each operator in the local airspace.

Operate from Essentially Anywhere, Anytime

A substantial increase in all-weather utility of the nation’s uncontrolled aerodromes with minimal required permanent infrastructure to support multi-vehicle operations in low-visibility conditions and, under higher demand, standing up temporary services on short notice to increase throughput and assist in operational coordination with neighboring aerodromes.