AAI Leads DRF Accelerator

Autonomy Association International Named to Lead NASA Project in Arizona Silicon Valley Change-Makers Come Together to Demonstrate the Future of Data and Reasoning Services Mountain View, CA. - NASA has chosen the Autonomy Association International, Inc. (AAI) as its partner to lead a ground-breaking demonstration of new research vital to the advancement of air mobility and drone delivery. [...]

A look inside Honeywell’s AAM Research & Development Lab in Phoenix AZ

A look inside Honeywell’s new state-of-the-art AAM research and development lab. Urban air mobility The lion’s share of the AAM lab is dedicated to multiple technologies on the UAM front. Stepping into the facility, you are greeted by a futuristic-looking pod, which is a mock-up of a cockpit for a potential UAM vehicle. While it is not intended to replicate [...]

Navigating a City is a Complex Matter

Often when we are thinking about self-driving vehicles or delivery robots, we imagine machines with powerful sensors and powerful processors that are guided by complex algorithms. What NASA is proposing here, a Data and Reasoning Fabric or (DRF), is a way of distributing some of the sensors and computing power into a digital infrastructure. The key to this is [...]

DRF Aeronautics – How It Works

In-Time System-Wide Safety Assurance A broad range of safety systems that proactively mitigate risks and demonstrate innovative solutions while ultimately ensuring safety to the community on the ground and in the airspace, employing services, functions, and capabilities that perform comprehensive monitoring and communication of the aviation system state, assessment of elevated risks, and mitigation actions to [...]

Intelligent and Adaptive Automation  

Digital Airspace A capability of airspace and air traffic management founded on a platform of digital information and automation to promote safe, seamless, and flexible airspace utilization for all operators and considers airspace constraints dynamically by digital means to ensure system performance and safety. Intelligent and Adaptive Automation  Steadily advancing in sophistication and [...]

Self-sustaining Decentralized Ecosystem

DRF aims to achieve the full potential of future air mobility through a self-sustaining decentralized ecosystem for data and reasoning service exchange. Data & reasoning service providers, infrastructure providers, and relevant local-to-federal government organizations can participate in DRF to exchange information necessary to support future air mobility.

How Can a Data & Reasoning Fabric (DRF.Aero) Enable Future Air Mobility?

CUTTING-EDGE AI FEATURES How Can a Data & Reasoning Fabric (DRF) Enable Future Air Mobility? PROVIDERS Publish your data & reasoning services. Participate in a dynamic ecosystem where your data and reasoning can be discovered and purchased while preserving access and control. DEVELOPERS DRF provides an open ecosystem to enable [...]

Decentralized P2P Architecture

Decentralized peer-to-peer architecture Leverage open standards to enable interoperability within the entire ecosystem Inherent extensibility to support platform-agnostic applications of future air mobility Increased system-wide monitoring and operational efficiency Lower barriers to entry while giving participants greater control of their data Dynamic discovery, assessment, and negotiated use of data and reasoning services Built-in security measures at [...]

NetJets to Buy 150 Lilium eVTOL Aircraft

NetJets this week announced its plans to purchase 150 of Lilium’s eVTOL aircraft per a recently released memorandum of understanding (MOU). The news came in a February 28th statement to investors and stated that NetJets would also operate the eVTOL aircraft as part of its existing Part 135 charter network. NetJets is currently one of the world’s largest private jet [...]

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